Update to Android 9 fails with status 7

When doing an OTA update from 19.11.2 to 21.05.0 everything seems to work fine first:
download, reboot, update animation.
But then the lying robot appears and a message “fehler” (error).
After about 30s the device reboots and 19.11.2 is booted again.

The recovery log when “fehler” message appears is as follows:

I assume a manual installation of 21.05.0 would solve the problem but I have only been asked about a solution and I don’t have the device with me.
So may there be any other solution?

The owner of the device told me that she never did any fancy things with the device like rooting, installing different recovery or anything else.
Just a factory reset was done some time ago. This might have leaded to the message “Device was remounted R/W 4 times”?

Thanks for any ideas in addition to a manual installation.

Was the Updater app on version 1.50.2?

Good question! I’ll ask that! (Although I think if Updater is not that version then Updater will not offer the update…)


I’d also check internal storage space (just the usual suspect), although that should have shown in pains before the upgrade already :wink:

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This had already been one of the first things I’d asked :wink: .
Response was:
18,7 of 29 GB in use. No SD card.


Scrolling through the bug tracker, the manual installation seem to be the only option provided there by FP, so if anyone would have another solution it seems he would know more than FP😉

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Yes, it has been confirmed.

You’ve got a Status 7 error in your log, so a little search outputs this:

Please have a careful look, the last solution doesn’t require a manual installation, but requires a bit of working around :wink:

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Thanks for the hints!
I just think that even if the solution in the last paragraph sounds like an interesting workaround it won’t help for the OTA update as during the OTA update process I don’t see how to change the contents of the update files.

I don’t think the update file is on their website on the contrary of FPOOS which you can find on code.fairphone.com, but you should find it somewhere in the cache theough TWRP. Then copy it to your computer, modify the contents as indicated, recompress it, and sideload it, it will be equivalent.

TWRP should not be installed when the phone is running latest Android7 19.11.02…else if it is running TWRP that would most likely cause the issue…however from above screenshot it looks like FP recovery is running and installing TWRP etc would be much more complicated then to just install manually


Sure, but you can flash it, or even do #twrpwoflashing, it’s not that complicated and doesn’t altere anything.

Granted the manual installation is much simpler than this method.

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