Update to 17.0.2 and issues with flashing Xposed and OpenGapps

I updated to 17.0.2 and the phone starts without issues although I did not flash Xposed and OpenGAPPS again…

This is strange enough… but now I want to have Xposed and OpenGAPPS back, and I can’t seem to flash them.

My Fairphone is encrypted and I see TWRP not being able to mount /data.
So I moved the zips to my external storage and try to flash them from there.

But when I flash OpenGapps: TWRP reboots. And when I flash Xposed, the screen goes black, and I have to force a reboot.

I’d love to disable encryption, but that doesn’t seem to be an option; the settings app doesn’t give such an option.

Did anyone else ever experience this and what do you think is a good path to follow here?

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