Update to 1.4.2, Can't place calls anymore

after my update to FP2 1.4.2 (directly from 1.2.xy, so skipping the 1.3.xy) my phone can’t place calls anymore. All other functions (Wifi, SMS) seem to function properly.

Does anyone know what to do?

What happens exactly if you try to call someone?

Both sims give the message in Dutch:
“Oproep niet verzonden”

In my own translation (En/Ger):
“call/request not sent” / “Anruf/Aufruf/Aufforderung nicht verschickt”

Do you have two SIM cards and the setting for calls is “always ask”? Then you have to wait 5 seconds before you choose the SIM.

Edit: there are two places where this setting can be changed (in the general phone settings and in the menue of the phone/dialer app). But it seems that sometimes the dialer app ignores the general phone settings.


Hello @Irina_Spitznagel,
thank you for your reply. My problem is related to this settings. Why the problem occurs, why not in previous FP2-versions and most of all: why one would want to wait for 5 seconds befor choosing the sim this is unclear to me. But at least I can - with some hassle - make phone calls again.

You mentioned I can change this setting in general and dialer settings. I haven’t found a fitting option yet. Could you be more specific or point to a source that could help me?
Thanks for your reply!

It’s Settings–>SIM cards --> Preferred SIM for calls
and in the Phone app
Three dot menue -->Settings–>Call settings–>Phone account settings–> Make calls with…

If you usually only use one SIM for calls, I would suggest you choose it as the preferred SIM. Then you don’t have to wait.

This problem (and the workaround to wait 5 seconds) exists since the very beginning. So it seems rather strange to me that you didn’t experience it before. But maybe you hadn’t set it to “always ask” before and the update changed that setting or Fairphone tried to fix that bug and this fix somehow started the problem on you phone.

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Oh, I misunderstood you then. The five-seconds-rule is not an option, but a workaround of a known bug? This bug never existed on my phone until the last update (from 1.2 directly to 1.4).

The ‘always ask’ option is very helpful to me, since I regularly use both sims.It seems that the last update then leads to an real interference instead of an improvement. I have fiddled around with my phone to find a way to ‘downdate’ (is that a word?) to 1.2.xy again, but havent haven’t found anything yet. Do you know a link to a source that explains how this works? Either having to wait for 5 seconds or not having the option between the two sims is a real nuisance!

thanks for your replies nevertheless

The bug was first reported in January, but like many FP bugs not everybody experiences them - at least not with every affected OS version.
I get the feeling that it’s not about the OS version but about a random factor that changes after every update/downgrade/reinstall.
So you could try reinstalling, maybe that solves the problem for you if my theory is correct, but I wouldn’t recommend a downgrade.

Ill try downgrading… Does anybody know, how to do this?

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