Update: Support for Android 11 is about to expire. Is it still safe to use

Back in July 2023, we announced that, following the update to Android 13, the fingerprint sensor of the Fairphone 3/3+ can no longer be used to log in to certain apps with higher security requirements, such as some banking and government apps. In most affected apps, it is possible to circumvent the biometric authentication and login using a password or pin code instead. However, we are aware that there are some apps where this is not possible.

As a workaround, we therefore decided to keep supporting Android 11 for Fairphone 3 until the end of life of Android 11, allowing users to voluntarily postpone the update to Android 13, and therefore the moment when the fingerprint sensor will stop working in affected apps.

Unfortunately, after next week (February 29, 2024), we will no longer be able to support Fairphone 3(+) devices on Android 11 with new security updates. That means that, if you continue to use Android 11, we can no longer guarantee that your phone’s software will be secure. We therefore highly recommend updating your device to Android 13 by choosing the “System Update” option from your settings menu. Please note that the lack of future updates will also affect any alternative operating systems you might be using on your device.

As explained previously, it is not possible for us to fix the original fingerprint issue. We recognize that this is a big inconvenience to many of you, but hope that you will nevertheless be able to keep using your Fairphone (on Android 13) for as long as possible.


Guys, I do apologize for asking about something totally unrelated to FP but perhaps someone will be willing to share some feedback. I could and most likely will ask on Reddit Onyx dedicated forums but as I have very good feelings about this community I am allowing myself to pick your brains

I have purchased a relatively new ebook reader from Onyx, it runs on Android 11. The company is not really into providing long life support, so I am wondering what would be the most reasonable to do in terms of using the device. My security patch is now like June 2023 and I doubt will be getting anything more

Would it be advisable not to ever connect it to the internet? I could do without the cloud or email, I mainly use syncthing to synchronise my work. I could theoretically consider using the cable or BT connection but it would be somewhat of a nuisance.

I am definitely not savvy enough to flash a CUSTOM rom on it, but even if I could ask someone, I doubt that would be the most preferred solution. I suppose native apps for reading might stop working and this is the functionality why I purchased the device in the first place.

The last ereader I had I kept for five years but rarely connected it to the Internet.But generally this is a timeframework I am thinking about (or more)

Any thoughts?

In the mean time I got used to using the pin code. At least it works when your fingers are cold or wet. That can be praoblem with finger prints