Update lineageos in an FP2

Hi all! lineageos installed on my FP2 gives me update error. I don’t think it has ever automatically downloaded updates since I installed it and it manually gives an error. How can I fix it without reinstalling the system?

Could you specify the error and what exactly you did before you got it?

There seems to be a general problem today with lineageos updates. I had an error message on two other devices for updates today.

It can not download any update, it is as if there are no new updates. I think since I installed lineageos last January, it hasn’t been able to download any updates.

Is there any way to update lineageos in this case?

Which Lineage Version exactly is installed?

I had been running lineage_FP2-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20230101.184648 dev-keys

on turning the device on yesterday morning (unused since mid February) I was offered 20th February and 20th April

Successfully installed both, in succession.

Is the build number unique for each user?
I have tried with another internet network and two updates have appeared: March 20th, and April 20th. How can I check that there is no previous update?

No, same for all users.

It would be helpful to reply to Yvonne’s question. Go to Settings > About phone > Build number.
Then we’ll have a better idea of what you’ve missed.

However …

Then I would think you’ll be alright to install them. In chronological order. Do the March one first. After the phone reboots, when you return to Settings you’ll be able to do the April one.

Are you sure that it is necessary to take every single step? When my phone was on LOS I skipped some of the updates because at that time they were still built on a weekly basis and although I never had any update issues I sometimes just didn’t want to take any risk (e.g. on vacations). For the next update I always took the latest one that was available. So the updates are most probably not incremental (which would be visible in a file size that would differ much more than it does now).


It would be very useful for me to know on what exact date I installed lineageos. Is there somewhere in the system where I can look at it? Also if I can check the repository with the updates that have been released since I installed it, to find out if any are missing. Is this possible?

It wouldn’t be as useful as you might think because as mentioned in my previous post the updates are not incremental. You can easily skip a number of updates and take the latest one and your phone will be okay with this.
The version number however can be found in settings → About this phone, at the very bottom, I think, or otherwise in Settings → System → Extended → Updater (exact names might differ because I currently don’t have LOS installed and my phone is set to a different language than English). That’s also the place where available updates would show up.


I did as you. the latest one is ok. I use still a FP2 with lineage 18.1 The last update was on 20. of May. I never häd any problem when I skipped a update