Update including COVID tracking?

The official plan seems to be to install tracking apps without acknowledge of the owner of the phone because of COVID 19. Any of that on the new update?
If yes, any possibility to turn it off?
Does it run even with GPS turned off?
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Citation needed. Or at least more reliable information.


Ok. By officially I do not mean Fairphone. But from Bill Gates and some politicians appreciated the idea.
By searching through the articles again, it looks like in germany they stopped the idea to do it without the option to choose politically. I hope it is the same in switzerland.
Sorry for disturbing and thanks.

Even so, at least for EU citizens, simply installing an app or feature and collecting tracking data without consent would be a major breach of the GDPR.


we’re not talking about tracking-apps, it’s tracing!
and this is a little, but very important difference: the DP-3T project for example is a decentralized and only on BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacons-based concept, there are no gps-location informations collected and so on, nothing!
I’m much more worried by all those those social media, navigiation- and health-apps than by this open-source concept which could help us to leave this lockdown situation :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok, i read your heise-article. There is something written about GPS and WLAN, but this is neighter the concept of DP-3T nor PEPP-PT. and the title from heise is - once again - wrong: tracking ≠ tracing!
switzerland btw. is focussing on the DP-3T (decentralised) project, germany (afaik) on the PEPP-PT (both possible - centralised & decentralised) project


Germany - initially preferring the PEPP-PT centralized solution - has switched to a decentrazid concept.
You can find this on the homepage of the German Federal Ministry of Health (press release from April 26th)

Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, setzt die Bundesregierung auf eine dezentrale Softwarearchitektur, die die in KĂŒrze zur VerfĂŒgung stehenden Programmierschnittstellen der wesentlichen Anbieter von mobilen Betriebssystemen nutzt und gleichzeitig die epidemiologische QualitĂ€tssicherung bestmöglich integriert. Das bedeutet konkret, dass wir den Einsatz einer konsequent dezentralen Softwarearchitektur fĂŒr die Anwendung in Deutschland vorantreiben werden. Darin soll auch die Möglichkeit integriert werden, dass BĂŒrgerinnen und BĂŒrger freiwillig in pseudonymisierter Form Daten zur epidemiologischen Forschung und QualitĂ€tssicherung an das Robert-Koch-Institut ĂŒbermitteln können.

And according to this tagesschau article, it no longer seems to be PEPP-PT:


Please do not spread dangerous and unnecessary FUD here!

Firstly, the new update for the FP3 has nothing to do with Covid-19. It simply delivers monthly security patches from Google plus patches and improvements from Fairphone.

Secondly, Google and Apple have teamed up to co-develop an API that developers of Coronavirus tracing apps can then use to access needful OS features like Bluetooth LE. This API has yet to be published.

Thirdly, Google will distribute its implementation of this API for Android via Play Services, a mechanism introduced a while ago to roll out important new OS features to older Android phones (which no longer receive regular security patches from the vendor), too.

Fourthly, any Covid-10 tracing app using the abovementioned API will have to be deliberately installed by the smartphone user, so there is no need to turn anything off.

Fifthly, the planned tracing apps would not use location data. They just spot phones with Bluetooth LE nearby and record an anonymous ID for those. If the owner of such a phone eventually indicates that he/she was/is infected with Covid-19, you would receive an alert letting you know that you might have been in touch with an infected person. That’s about it.


Good list of all the important points.
And that’s the reason, why even CCC and the data protection agencies in Germany did not object to the idea of this app.


Thank you all for your interesting replies. It is not about spreading anything, but about getting more informations from people who know more about the technics than I do, which is easily possible, before I install the update on my phone.


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