Update guides and wikis

I noticed that the great majority of guides only have solutions written for FP2 and FP1. As a lot of new users have an FP3, it is sometimes a bit of a problem. For example, about the #dic:developeroptions, I was told “this guide is only for FP1 and FP2”.
Same for #sdcardguide, #commonissues, #batteryguide (this one is very general, but all examples given are for FP2 or FP1), and so many others. I was always surprised that nobody created an #sdcardguide to explain to users how it works (I myself have explained it a few times, others much more) instead of repeating it each time. And I discovered it actually existed, but hadn’t been updated after Marshmallow, and so nobody used it. These guides and dictionary entries were such a good idea, but I feel like they were a bit abandoned after some time (although still used a lot), and it’s sometimes a shame because you have to explain everything again.
I would so much like to be able to edit all these wikis and add a paragraph for FP3, but I fear I don’t always have the technical knowledge, and there are many guides.

That’s why I would like to invite you all, fellow forum members, to update guides when you have the knowledge, and perhaps invite the @moderators to think about a better/different structure for the guides. For example with a common troubleshooting guide where each button about a problem leads to a wiki, that could be an update of the #commonissues guide (for instance). Perhaps in the same way as the main #austrianfairphoners topics are linked together. Or perhaps this would be too near to the “Find and fix an issue yourself” section of Fairphone support and would lose interest?

I don’t know whether anyone second my thoughts and I would like to open a discussion about this. What do you think on the subject?


You fear you don’t always have the technical knowledge. Fear no more! They are wikis, so if you make a start, someone else can fix any potential mistakes you made. That’s the beauty of a wiki. Its OK to make mistakes.


Yes you’re totally right @JeroenH :wink: Thanks!

I actually thought they would be more wikis to update, but there aren’t that many.
My invite to everyone to update those that they can stays valid though :grin:

Just as @JeroenH said, that’s the original spirit of a wiki, in fact, :slight_smile:

I think we can maybe use this thread to attract the attention to some wiki articles that need an update. How does that sound, @Alex.A?


Yes of course :slight_smile: I’m still relatively new to this forum.

Sure! That was my original intention.

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