Update FP2 to 1.5.1 failed


Just had a request for FP2 to update OS to 1.5.1 which has died on restart. I’ve submitted a ticket but it’s currently waiting for me to choose an option and I don’t understand them so I’m not sure what to choose. Is anyone able to help please?

It said ‘E:footer is wrong’ is the problem. I’m not sure which of the recovery options to choose. If I could submit a photo I can show you the issue but I’ve literally just joined the forum to post this so not sure how to do that.

If this happened on the first boot after choosing installing the update this very likely means that the update hasn’t been applied, and you can choose the reboot option. This will start the phone in whatever version you were trying to update from. The common causes for failing are either a problem with the download (just try again), or because the recovery has been modified (you’d know if you did this).

See also more troubleshooting here.

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Yep, it downloaded the update and then asked me to reboot. I’ll try that and see what happens. Thank you!

I might hold off on reinstalling the update in case it dies again :slight_smile:

It seems to have worked thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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