Update Fairphone App without google play

Hi I just got Fairphone 5 and it has installed “Fairphone App” version 2.x.x. Normally I do not use such apps as they are usually bloat. But I wanted to try this app because I genuinely believe in your mission and I wanted to be part of the community. However, I can not update the app, because I do not use Google Play store (I didn’t want to create google account and I don’t want to have google in my phone at all.) If I try updating it through Aurora store it says that I didn’t purchase the app.

Is there any way to update the app without Google Play?

Why is the app so exclusive, why can’t it be installed on any device?

Thanks a lot!


Vielleicht ist dann ein alternatives Betriebssystem wie zb. das /e/OS besser geeignet.

I am planning on using CalyxOS, but at this moment NO alternative system is in stable release.
And even then I still do not know how to update the Fairphone app.

Even though you might be aware of it, just to make sure: All pre-installed apps on your Fairphone should allow to be updated through the Play Store without a Google Play account.

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How does this work or lets say, when you dont add a Google Account on your device you are not able to use the Play Store and although I’m not using it anonymized aurora store does not has this app…

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It works like this (when Fairphone OS is installed):
Launch Play Store → Tap the three dots in the top right → Choose “Updates”
No need to Sign In.


Thanks never noticed that :blush:

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Amazing! Thank you for the tip!

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Is it actually possible to install the app under /e/ OS?

no this is not possible

You will need an .apk file to install it, but the “Device Info” part will not work (see 2nd screenshot below). From my FP3+ running /e/OS: