Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Adaptive brightness

Just to say I am a little downhearted.

  • Six weeks since this issue was related to Fairphone
  • Two security updates later ( Sept & Oct )
  • Zero comfort from Fairphone

I would cry all over my phone but it’s not waterproof so I’ll just have to toughen up a bit more and for longer.


I also find that pretty unprofessional.
No bug fix for six weeks.



Thanks you all for sharing!

We are still waiting for a update? Or I missed something?

Have a nice day!!

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Welcome to the Fairphone community,
There is an announcement:


It works for me, at least it does right now. We’ll see if it’s a structural solution.

Just for others who are trying this: when you get to the Device Configuration app and tap Storage and cache, you only need to clear the app’s cache for this to work.

Which had me hapy, cause god knows what horror I would unleash if I erased all my device settings by pressing Clear Storage.

And as stated earlier, the screen brightness won’t change simply from this cache clearing, but from then on it will no longer go super dark when you are at a mild light level.

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Hey you all!!

Somebody have any update? The software update is for everybody at the same time? Or it depends from carrier/country?

They said that we will have an update early November, but my phone is not seeing new updates yet.


Yes it is by country and carrier but notification of the start is usually notified by a new topic, so it seems there may be some delay


Finally We got the update ‘Nov 5th’ in Spain!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Just wanted you to know:

I’m currently using the auto brightness feature again since some months and I have no further complains. It seems to work!

Thank you for the update.

There was an update to fix this A 0134 :slight_smile:


Confirmed it’s back to working well, thanks!

Just for the record and to avoid potential confusion, adaptive brightness has not changed since

  • 3.A.0132.20211027 released 2021.11.16 which was simply a roll-back after the difficulties experienced by some users following
  • 3.A.0129.20210805 released 2021.08.27 which reduced minimum absolute brightness without amending the behaviour of Adaptive brightness.

We are still hoping for a fresh attempt to reduce the minimum absolute brightness value without the unwanted side effects experienced by some users with Adaptive brightness. This may come in a future update of Android 11.

More details on FP3 updates here.

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It’s been misbehaving a bit again recently. Nowhere near as bad as the first time but still goes a bit dark when it shouldn’t sometimes. Possibly since the latest OS update a few weeks ago?


Me too after latest upgrade.
FP3+, Android 11

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When an OS update implements changes to Adaptive brightness behaviour, I think it’s likely that previously “learnt” user preferences values get reset. In which case AB would have to re-learn the user’s preferences.
I have no concrete information on this however.

Hi @fsegatoz

and @el_foz >It’s been misbehaving a bit again recently.

Are each of you talking about the latest update A11 ~ 0013.4, this topic was for A10 ~ 0129

Please add your comment to the following if it is the newer update. Thanks

Yes the 11, 13.4 update. It didn’t seem helpful nor logical to open another thread but I’ll add my 2p’s worth to the new one if that’s what people want.

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Well apart from this topic being for an old A10 version ?? there are already comments about this on the general A11 0013.4 update.

So a) the tend to get lost in the general compliants and
b) people don’t really follow the old out of date topics and I direct support to the current one.

It’s difficult to keep account of the issue spread over different topics, so thank you


Just to note this issue has been addressed for the next update A. 0017.* > Oct 2022 :slight_smile:

Please see a more recent topic on this year’s OS