Unwanted redirects to foreign language pages

When I try to access certain websites from the UK, I’m getting redirected to the Spanish-language equivalents. It started with independent.co.uk links getting redirected to the https://www.independentespanol.com/ homepage, which I think is more a problem with the website than with my FP3 (it happens on my desktop too), but then I had the same thing happen when accessing help links from the Kraken app.

I’ve read that it may be related to having both English and Spanish dictionaries active on Gboard, which I don’t want to deactivate as I communicate in both languages. I’ve tried to fix it by clearing cache and cookies, but it hasn’t helped. As this is a pretty international forum I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems either with their FP3 or other devices, or has suggestions on how to fix it?


Gboard has an option under > Permission to recognise your location, which I have off, maybe you could toggle that to see if it makes any difference.

Not sure if it’s related, but I recently noticed on the Independent website that I have ‘leer en espagnol’ (excuse my spelling) below the picture at the top of each article when viewed from my phone (Brave browser). I live in Germany, I don’t have the Spanish keyboard installed and I don’t speak Spanish. It hasn’t redirected me to any Spanish pages directly. So perhaps it’s the website as you suggest, not the phone?

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