Unwanted popup-commercials

Hi, I am getting unwanted pop-up commercials on Fairphone2.
I have no “strange” apps, and I have deleted all non-google apps. But the commercials are still popping up on the screen just out of “nowhere”.
Also, I sometimes have a problem to open the phone from locked screen by swiping upwards.
Can it be a virus?
The commercials started to come after using a free wifi-connection, but am not sure that is related.
Thankful for all advice.

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Google apps are the strangest apps of them all. :wink:

Seriously: Any app that is free (as in free beer), but not free (as in freedom) can be the culprit.

This could be a touchscreen issue. Check out the free drawing tool in Settings > Maintenance to see if any part of the screen doesn’t react to touch inputs as it should and then report back.

Let’s not worry about that until we ruled out other issues.


Thank you, I tried the drawing tool - and i can draw all over the screen.

About the apps: I had not installed any new apps before the problem appeared. I did a change in a “free” app (evernote) though, but has since then uninstalled both evernote and other apps.

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I don’t know how it looks like in Android 6 (I’m on Lineage, i.e. Android 8.1) but usually somewhere you can have a look at all active apps/apps in cache. Maybe there is something unusual there.


There is another new post regarding the same topic here, they haven’t found a solution yet, but it may be interesting to have a look over there, too.

(I’ve also linked this topic there.)

I don’t know of many free public Wifi networks without having to register.
Maybe by this something found its way onto the phone.

Well in Vienna we apparently have free public Wifi in the city called “Freewave” (probably mainly for tourists to use online maps). I don’t think I’ve ever used it, but you probably only have to check a “I accept the terms and conditions”-, alias TOS;DR-button.

Generally I think this is a very good service if it’s offered by the city itself (for free).
We are still very limited in such services here in Germany. And often performance is - ridiculously poor.
Next, the risk of (fake) networks offered by non-serious providers is always given.
But using the mobile network within many buildings also is often very limited or completely impossible. I think this is intentionally so people use the open wifi for the advantage of gathering user data by customer tracking purpose.
Usually I keep my fingers off public networks.
Furthermore I am embarrassed about our poor network coverage and performance and high costs nonetheless.

Well Freewave is a private company (at least DDG-ing for 30sec lead me to that conclusion), but maybe they’re cooperating with the city, idk…


Could it have something to do with this?


Thank you all!
I have not seen the unwanted commercials since yesterday now so I hope they are gone!
I disabled all rights for “overdrawing apps”. It was only very common apps (like google´s) that had the rights, and I do not know which one created the problem (hope withdrawing the rights for all does not create new problems?)
(I also “forgot” all free wifi:s registered and resetted my home wifi)


Hi again, I am sorry but now I get unwanted commercials again. Not many, but every morning when I turn on the phone they are there :frowning: and I they do come from Google which is part of the system…I have tried all I can to get rid of them, but the only thing I can change is whether they should be “personalized” or not. I am sure there is a way to stop them - so thankful if someone here can tell me how…

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