Unresponsive support form (bloated battery)

hello. i have a fp1u with a bloated battery, and so i’ve been trying to enter a support ticket using the support form on this website as instructed in the faq. however, i suspect that it’s not actually getting through. when i hit submit it just looks like the page reloads, with no feedback of any kind, and i’ve gotten no response in over a week now.

if anyone from support reads this, could you either confirm that you’ve received my ticket, or provide an email address that i can reach you through?

Try submitting it using a different choice in the “What’s your request about” space.

If it still doesn’t work, provide all the information you’re prompted for in in the fields in an e-mail to support@fairphone.com. This potentially takes a little longer, as it will then be manually entered into the ticket system to get your request to the right person. Some more general info about support here, just in case:

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thank you, that seems to have done the trick. weird.

Although you’ve solved your issue, I will post my experience too with the Fairphone Support form.

Twice in the past I had problems with the “Module unique identifier (serial number)” field. Apparently the number marked in the cases its not a unique identifier, but the web lacks a proper error handling alert and I had to try several times with different modifications until it worked (blank field). Maybe batteries don’t have a unique serial number either.

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