Unread Message Counter

When I have new messages (mails, signal-messages, etc) I see a small blue “bubble” at the top right corner of the app-icon.
Is there a way to change the layout of the notification-icons?
I want a red bubble with a white number of unread messages.

It might be possible using a different launcher…
EDIT: …well, as you don’t want another launcher this is probably not a solution for you… :man_shrugging:

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Hello @Volker,
I thought the unread counters are standard in Android?
At least I had them on my Samsung…

Standard Android is what you have now.
Samsung does not do standard Android, they do customer retention by heavy customisation :wink: .


I know how sh… :poop: Samsung is, I still have my old Note 8.
So there is no way to change the colour of the notification icons?

I guess you won’t be using SquareHome 2 (I don’t anymore either), but just as a proof of concept I’m able to find quickly …

It’s possible with a different launcher.


I was using the Microsoft Launcher on my old Samsung and there it worked:

(gReader is a widget, so the layout is different)

In Android I only have the option to turn the notification icons on and off, but I can’t change the colour of the icon and also not turn on numbers.

So I will use the Microsoft Launcher again, because this is the best option.
Thank you all for your feedback!


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