Unplanned Forum Maintenance - Saturday June 17

  • Forum maintenance started at 10:00
  • Forum maintenance completed at 10:30
  • Security updates have been installed
  • Discourse has been upgraded to v3.1.0.beta5
  • Release notes can be found here: v3.1.0.beta5

With this new Discourse version a new way was enabled to present categories like Fairphone 4 and tags like fp4. These are now only shown like this for new posts or by a HTML rebuilt (manually triggered).

To rebuilt all posts with the old layout to the new layout, you can run this:

./launcher enter app
rake hashtags:mark_old_format_for_rebake

It will then schedule a rebuilt and will gradually rebuilt all topics with the old layout.

I see that the quick-access notifications panel (tap or click on avatar top right) is now only showing unread notifications. You can see them all by going to (https://forum.fairphone.com/u/your_profile/notifications)

Not for me (mobile version…), no change at all for this…

No change on my desktop using Firefox, notifified of likes, new and updated topics

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