Unlock my phone

Just received my phone. The help/support wants an IMEI number before I can send a message which I can’t get because I can’t open the phone.

somehow I’ve hit another button creating the PIN/ like a typo, so now I can’t get in because I don’t know the PIN.

I’m using the finger print on the side (the case is useless and holds the finger off the sensor) but I still can’t get into the phone.

Please help

Removing your PIN code requires doing a factory reset. This deletes all data on your device. The reason for this is to prevent a thief from being able to access all your files.

If you can’t get to the regular factory reset menu, you can follow the instruction on https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405445579537-FP4-Factory-reset-erase-all-data- under " Fairphone does not boot anymore."


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If you just received your phone then you should not have any data on it and a factory reset would certainly be the fastet option.

Are you talking about the official FP4 case? I cannot confirm this issue. The sensor works totally fine with the case.


Normal in a cardboard.

easy to find on a sticker on the backside of the cardboard.
IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 to different the sim slot’s

the rest: Relax by starting a new Phone

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