Unknown caller unless volte and vowifi disabled

Hey, I’m having an issue where if I have both VoLTE and VoWi-Fi enabled, all incoming calls over the mobile network show up as “Unknown caller”.

This is not an issue that the caller is not in my address book - the caller’s number is not even known to the phone. If I try to call back, I can’t - because the phone doesn’t know what number called it.

I’m using a physical sim of the Polish branch of the “Mobile Vikings” carrier. They’re a MVNO that uses the infrastructure of the Polish carrier called “Play”.

Is this something that will be resolved by a software update as the phone matures? Or something to talk to the carrier about?

If I disable volte and vowifi the number appears correctly, and the Google default dialer app matches the number to a contact I have correctly. I can also call back fine, as the caller’s number is saved.

I think you should inform both your MVNO and the official FP support > contactsupport

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I have somewhat similiar issue. I am a direct customer of Polish Play carrier, with physical SIM.

I always have VoWi-Fi disabled and I didn’t experiment with it. But when I enable VoLTE, all calls show as “Unknown caller”, just as you described.

Did you have any luck contacting Fairphone or the carrier company?

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