Unintentionally deleted shelter - How to rescue files from work profile?

Hello everyone,

please excuse my new request for help within a few days. The topic is also not entirely model-specific, but I would still be very happy to receive tips, as I am at the end of my solution approaches.

I used the sandbox-App shelter, to install apps I dont trust 100%. Then i just wanted to delete an app shortcut and didn’t realize that i was deleting shelter. now i have some important photos in the still existing work profile and don’t know how to recover the data.

I already have asked the developer but I dont not really what to do. He said, I could try it with adb.


“However, you should not be able to delete an app that is a work profile
manager. This is probably a bug of your phone’s OS and you probably need
to report the bug to the vendor.”

I dont know, how to get access with adb in the work profile. And unfortunately I have no messenger app to send the photos to anywhere. I have fdroid, but no installation works.

I cant help you, this is just to note I moved your topic to the help section and even if not necessarily device related added Fairphone 4 to make it clear and people might be able to test

thank you very much. I wasnt sure where to post. FP4 fits good.

You can use the share option in Simple Gallery to transfer the photos, you just have to select the personal tab on the top:

I could successfully share some test pictures to Syncthing-Fork or send them to my Desktop with KDE Connect, haven’t tried one of the others, but they probably work as well :smiley:
I hope this works on Android 11, I can only test this on Android 12 right now.

Oh and I could uninstall Shelter without any prompt just fine and I’m running a non stock ROM, so the shelter dev seems uninformed regarding that point :man_shrugging:


Dear Hirnsushi,

thank you sooo much. With your workaround I have rescued all my memories in the work profile. For me only worked a messenger, but that solution was so close and simple.
I have send Karma to the universe for you :wink: Thank you so much!!!


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