Uninstalling the FM Radio app


Since I don’t use the FM Radio app I would like to remove it from my Fairphone. However, I am unable to uninstall it, I can’t even disable it like other apps that aren’t needed (like iFixit).

Does anybody know why this is? And perhaps know a fix that doesn’t involve installing Icon-hide-apps or new launchers? Or maybe somebody knows if the app is removable on Android 7? (Still waiting for that update)


I’m sure somebody at Fairphone knows, but I don’t think they ever shared that info.

You can switch to Lineage OS to at least have less of these apps, but the FM radio app unfortunately is still one of those that can’t be disabled - I guess that’s an android thing.

Thanks for the quick response Paula. Too bad it isn’t possible to remove the app, lets hope the new Android will let us!

You could root your phone or install FP OpenOS, which would let you uninstall the app (like ANY other app too, so be careful!).

At least on Lollipop I am allowed to force stop it, which imho is the better option as it usually will survive a reboot while just being disabled may bring it back to life at some point.

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will stick to the normal Fairphone OS for now. I would like to get rid of the unused app, but not so much that I am willing to switch OS or root my phone.

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You can most probably disable almost every app, even system apps without rooting the phone with the help of a computer, usb cable and adb.

See for instance …

There are several options for the command PM like hide, disable, uninstall. Try hide or disable first, since they can be simply undone using unhide or enable.

It works until you do a factory reset.

Be careful!


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