Unhandy about FP1: when you make a call, you have be careful with the screen

When i make a call with my FP1, i always have to take care that my chin doesn’t touch the screen. It will touch the button which you use to stop the call. Is the FP2 different?

A workaround for you FP1: Switch off the screen with a short press on the power button before making the call and switch it on again afterwards. For me that’s the only way to make calls with my FP1.

The proximity sensor of FP2 is much better. It switches the screen reliably on and off. However, there are people who reported problems with it. I don’t know if these people had bad luck and recieved a phone with a faulty sensor or if it has to do how we hold our phones.

The FP1’s sensor is in the center, next to the speaker, the FP2’s sensor in the left corner. For me that’s much better, maybe because I have long hair…

Thanks, it works!