Unfortunately Fairphone 2 launcher has stopped working


Since installing an app called “air visual” which measures air pollution I keep getting this message appear everytime I open website’s/apps.

A little help please!


Could the Privacy Impact be involved?


The Privacy impact of the air visual app was considered low.


At the Privacy Impact change the setting and try again.

@Jonathan_Woodrow_Mar could you resolve the issue?

Hi Paul,

I ended up just uninstalling the app. If I get the message again with a
new app, i’ll try the privacy impact settings. Thanks for your help.


I get that message directly after entering the phone’s PIN (not the SIM card PIN).

I just got my phone a few days ago and played around with it since then. My first assumption about it having to do with disabling certain apps just proved wrong. I reenabled all disabled apps, yet still I get this message.

I have installed two apps so far: Telegram (Messenger) and Lightning (Browser), both by using ADB 1.0.32 (Android Debug Bridge). For both apps, the privacy impact was low.

@Lidwien, how do I change the Privacy Impact settings in this context?

Best regards,

Go to Settings
go to Sound & notifications
go to Privacy Impact

It’s not certain that this is causing your problem direct after entering the PIN, but it will be go to know.

I only have one option there: “Disable Privacy Impact popup”.

For the record: Enabling this did of course not get me rid of the message.

What happens if you remove the app Telegram, if this not helped, remove the app Lightning.
Does this solve it?

No success. I rebooted the phone after each uninstalling, reenabled all disabled apps, rebooted again, still only one checkbox option there. (Screenshot below)

Since I don’t know better, I wouldn’t doubt there is a connection between the failing of the launcher and the missing settings for Privacy Impact.

After having Installer KeePassDroid and OFM (OnlineFussballManager) today, I experienced the exact same issue; I tracked it down to OFM, when I uninstall, the issue is gone, when I install the issue is there. Could someone please Cross Check?

The message was popping up after opening any app, and the launcher with the most-/ and recently used apps was without any content. Rebooting did not change that behaviour. I have a standard FP2 installation with multiple apps, a SD card, one sim card, bit no modification to the system itself (beside the work arounds)

Same problem for me. It didnt appear right after installing any apply ; just at a Randon time after rebooting my phone.
Its really disappointing, if you add the hyper-sensivity of the screen … Makes me mad.
Waiting for a fixing patch or any other solution.

I haven’t had this issue in a while. At first it appeared as if I could somehow force it by entering my pin as soon and quickly as possible, but I didn’t see that message for a few weeks now.

But if others still have this issue, I assume it has not been fixed with the update to v1.2.8.

Almost coincidently, I found a way to reproduce this issue.

If I have a single-paged homescreen (meaning there is only one dot at the bottom, see screenshot below), I get the “Unfortunately, Fairphone Launcher 3 has stopped.” popup after entering the phone’s unlock pin when (re)booting it. If I have a two-paged homescreen, it doesn’t appear.

In case this information may be useful: My phone’s unlock pin is the same as for my SIM card in slot 2.

Could anyone please confirm this?