Unfairphone does not charge

So naturally I have an unfair phone 2. It won’t charge off the USB of my PC (USB3). I’m not saying that the pc can’t cope but that the unfair phone 2 will just not want to charge if it sees that it is connected to a computer. The USB options are not visible in the settings but I can search for them. This brings up wat seems like a result but I can’t tap on it to open it so the search function on my unfair phone 2 is useless. I can access USB options only when connected to a compter but these say nothing about imposing charge mode. My unfair phone 2 starts to charge off a pc but then stops after a few seconds.

when do i get a refund from these clowns ? it’s simple, I out power into phone - phone charges, what can possibly go wrong ? everything on an unfair phone 2 !!!

May I ask if you are sure that your usb-cable is a data-cable?
After you connect your phone to the computer, swipe down from the top.
Then a pop-up will show you how your phone is connected to your computer.
Tap on the pop-up and you will see 4 options.
The third one is charging.

Or else, try unchecking all 4 options. This works with my FP2 without any problems.

You need to use a good data cable, also for me an old simple cable didn’t work.
Why not sending your phone back within your 14 days legal withdrawal period ?
PS : You know you are funny too, you were complaining a lot about your FP1 and bought an FP2 now :slight_smile:


What’s exactly unfair about something that seems to be broken? I always thought the “Fair” in fairphone was about other aspects, like human rights. I won’t say your problem is not worth complaining, but please keep things a bit in perspective.


Closing topic as this is going nowhere useful. The common solution has been posted here, if there is a need to discuss charging problems further, please do so here: