Unexpected playback error, please try again

I am driven mad by the error message that pops up and won’t go away, returns soon after startup. I presume it’s related to an app but I don’t know how to figure out which one. It’s just white on grey background and blocks the keyboard area of the screen…

“Unexpected playback error, please try again”

Thanks for reading and if anyone can help that would be really appreciated.

This is colloquially called a “toast” as it pops up and should fade away shortly after.

There is this app that supposedly records toasts and tells you which app produced them:

I didn’t test it and I don’t know wheter it works on an FP1. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a #dic:floss alternative.

Let us know if it worked out.

Thanks a million Stefan I’m downloading the app now. I deleted a few apps yesterday and so far haven’t got the ‘toast’ again but if it happens again I’ll check the app.

So the toast message came back today and I opened the app. It’s not really navigable or searchable just a list of all the apps that have sent notifications (dozens) and if you click on each one it lists the messages, but I haven’t spotted the one causing the trouble … Probably the paid version is searchable…

@nickibopp I have found an app that will help you find the cause of the toast. I posted a link to it here.

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