Unexpected "Factory data reset" and "restarting..."


Factory data reset

has appeared, and immediately subsequently, the recovery screen, where

Android Recovery
Use volume up/down and power.
Cannot load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory reset and erase all user data stored on this device.
Try again
Factory data reset

is stated has appeared when I have booted my phone. Before this occurs, the phone vibrates many times at regular intervals.

If I invoke “Try again”, the phone successfully reboots to Android with all of my applications installed, although Android acts as if this is the 1st time that I have utilized it, because the Google setup notification appears.

This occurred 3 times consecutively, approximately 2 minutes previously. It appears to occur when my notifications appear. This is consistent with other problems that I have faced when notifications appear: they slow my phone almost to a halt, even with 2 GiB of RAM spare.

Nothing on my smartphone should cause this: I am not rooted, and this is stock firmware. Merely my bootloader is unlocked. I suspect that the default ROM of this smartphone possess a bug relevant to notifications that causes it immense problems.

This is unacceptable, if not any fault of mine, not least because I need this; I join the army in a few days.

Coincidentally, the NFC service has begun to crash almost at the exact same time that this has commenced.

How old is your SIM card? Are you using a SD card and if yes how is it formatted? Is it for all notifications or just for a specific App? Are you used to run and logcat/bug report maybe that could give some hints why notifications are crashing the phone? Do you have good backup so a factory reset could be an option? Have you tested NFC with the internal check up (call *#*#2886#*#*)


I am probably unable to authorize my computer for adb-access, so unless logcat is possible to invoke via the recovery or bootloader without authorization, no.

I am unable to backup, because Android always crashes soon after initialization. I have called *#*#2886#*#*. How to check NFC with it?

My SIM card is slightly faulty.

It’s not doing it currently. I’ll notify if it does again.

Try if you can add the bug report to the power button options in the developer options before it crashes. Then See of you can Start it through tje power button menu next time before/while it crashes…

Else if possible turn off NFC to see if its related.

The check IP menu has a NFC test, should just Start when selecting if I remember correctly…
Edit just tried and it seems you need to try to scan something during NFC test

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I shall perform a bug-report (is that a silly name for a trace?) if it does it again.

I cant answer in detail to my understanding its a long list of all processes running on a phone and might show errors/issues etc

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