Unequal Volume on True-Wireless Headphones

Hi there,

my True-Wireless Headphones are showing a issue:
My left Earbud is playing on a lower volume than the right one.
Both Earbuds are fully charged.
I tried different devices to connect them. My smartphone, my laptop and a fairphone.
No matter what device I connected, or what media I played, it never had an effect on this issue.

I fear, that this is a hardware defect in some sort. If I am wrong with my assumption please show me a way of troubleshooting this. Any help is very appreciated. <3

I guess if this wont lead to a solution I have to ask the customer support directly. Am I right with this?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Be useful to have someone else confirm your suspicion on an other phone to rule out it being the Fairphone, but yes if it’s the same in another phone then contact support.

If it’s fine elsewhere then it maybe a software issue that can be resolved without having to return the phone.

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