Unable to view Whatsapp images since update

Since update, when pictures are sent to a whatsapp group i am part of they don’t appear. clicking on them it appears they are downloading but I am unable to find them in the android data folder. Also PDFs don’t open but I am asked to open settings and allow access to photos and videos which is already allowed. The files are obviously present as I have no issue opening them using my desktop computer.

To me it sounds like a conflict in the permissions of the app which is trying to open the photos. Can you open other photos, the ones you take with the camera, for example, correctly? Which gallery app do you use? Does it work correctly?

You can also try opening WhatsApp photos from a file manager application and see what happens. The directory where WhatsApp photos are stored is: /storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images/...

Another thing I can think of is some kind of conflict with the MicroSD card. Do you have one installed?

Thanks root/sdcard/Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsAppimages is empty. The exact path you gave seems not to exist. WhatssApp Documents contains the documents I have sent. This was not a problem before the update but I get that it could an issue with using the SD card as internal storage.

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I gave you the path where my WhatsApp photos are stored, I guess you don’t have it because you use a microSD card, whereas I don’t.

I suppose so. As I don’t use a MicroSD card, I can’t give you more information… maybe someone else can. However, I have read in the forum that it usually gives problems (even in older versions of Android).

I hope you solve it soon. Good luck!

Did you try to delete the application cache or to delete it and reinstall it ? Usually lt solves this type of problems.

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Have now tried deleting application cache. Makes no difference.

And what about deleting WhatsApp and reinstalling it after backing up your data ?

Edited to add the backup to avoid a data loss.


Caution this will delete everything!

Overall its not advisable to have a SD card installed as internal.


Thanks, all working, I did back up and restore the Whatsapp data and went back to using the card as external storage. A shame as having it configured as internal is in lots of ways a lot more convenient.

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What I don’t know is whether work is going on to resolve the issues with using an sd card as an extension of phone storage rather than a separate drive?

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