Unable to unlock bootloader

I just get my new Fairphone 4. Now i want to unlock the bootloader to install iodé OS. After typing the IMEI and Serial into the form I get my unlockkey. After clicking on ‘OEM unlocking’ I write my key in the popup window. But I get the message ‘Inner unkown Failture’. I try it serveral times without success. What can i do?

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Interesting, I have never seen that error message before :thinking:

Is your FP4 connected to the Internet and if it is, are you behind some kind of (corporate) firewall? You can only unlock the bootloader when there’s connectivity, either wifi or cellular.

If that doesn’t help, could you please capture a logcat :pray:

  • $ adb shell "logcat -c && logcat > /sdcard/logcat.txt"
  • Try to unlock the bootloader and wait for the error message
  • Press Ctrl+C in the terminal you have adb running
  • $ adb pull /sdcard/logcat.txt
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I’m an idiot! Because I want to flash the system directly, i forget to connect to WiFi.
Shame on me!


No Problem
Can happen to everyone
So, you’re not an idiot :wink:


And in addition an error message “no network connection” would probably be more helpful to understand the problem than "Inner unkown Failture’! :wink:


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