Unable to unlock bootloader and fairphone support is gone

After my misadventure with cordon for restoring the bricked bootloader, I decided that, due to work commitments, not to proceed with a new bootloader unlock. When I had more free time, I decided to revive my idea of installing Iodé and performed the official procedure for unlocking the bootloader.
To my surprise I found that the imei code and serial number (which changed after the cordon procedure) were no longer able to get me the unlock code to enter on the phone.

I contact Fairphone support and receive an almost immediate response with simple sentences already made (which can be found on the support pages) I point out that my situation is different, that the imei and serial codes have been changed etc. After that silence. I write again to fairphone support asking for a response and I get a reply from another fairphone support person explaining that the imei had been changed and to use the new one (actually I had already tried unsuccessfully with both the old and the new imei code)
After my response (with the screenshots certifying the error message) I do not receive any more response (repeatedly solicited).

I sent the first report on August 5. My last reminder was on the 25th and honestly I am starting to get nervous

Has anyone been able to use alternative methods for unblocking?

Thank you

So where did you get the error message. When on the FP homepage to get the code/while entereing the numbers or when you enter the code on the phone? Was your phone connected to internet? What error did you get?

Wondering how IMEI and serialnumber can change? Did you check with them that your 5 Warranty is changed to the new IMEI?

Overall as this is a user forum, I think you will have to be patient and wait for support, best is still to pick up the phone and call them.

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Impossible to reach anyone, not with the official numbers :-1:
I don’t think this has improved in the last few weeks :thinking:

…maybe August is un unlucky month for receive assistance…

…but I understand your nervous.

So did you try or are you guessing? Phone lines were down due to the overall backlog, however should be reachable again since 2-3 weeks. Also on their HP opening hours are back to normal 10-17h

Have you tried the bootloader code generator at different times? :thinking:
It keeps breaking for some reason, there have been multiple reports, but at the moment it is functional.

If your IMEI and serial number have changed, Cordon likely swapped your Core Module or sent you a completely different phone, those numbers are tied to the non (user-) repairable part of the FP4.


Tried several times earlier this month to reach someone without success.
Currently I don’t need the support and I’m not sad about it.
And that the topic was not moved (as usual/ posible) also makes sense to me. :wink:

I’m not sure how it will help with the current issue to spread a horror story and the OP already had its own story with support.
Reg phone lines: earlier this month was earlier this month, so it might have changed neither you nor I know as long as we dont call, so trying will never harm in my eyes.


I attach the message I received. Obviously the imei and serial numbers are correct (I did copy and paste). I also tried with different OS and browsers and at different times. I always got the same error

Yeah, that’s not the usual error message you get when the generator is down.

Something is clearly way off here :see_no_evil:

I fear that can only be sorted out by Fairphone.so did Cordon inform you that they changed the core module? Overall the first question for me to clarify would be, why the numbers changed and what they have done during repair.

The communication was made to me but I did not think it was relevant.

The label inside the phone has been replaced (you can still see part of the old one that was torn off).

Anyway, it is not clear why I can’t get this unlock code and why Fairphone support doesn’t just give me run-of-the-mill answers and then disappear


Could you maybe post your ticket number again here?

Sure! Number is #534655

Try the original imei number and most of all: contact Cordon

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