Unable to turn off or reboot on recovery (advanced reboot)


I have a Faiphone 2 under LineAgeos, but strangely : i can switch off or reboot in recovery.

I activate «advanced reboot» , if i choose “switch off” : the phone reboot on system, i i choose recovery : phone reboot on system.
With adb reboot recovery : phone reboot on system.

  • remove battery, volume up + on button : reboot in twrp
  • remove battery : volume down + on button : recovery seems OK (Faiphone only logo + fatboot reboot OK)

I have :

  • LineageOS 15.1-20181123-NIGHTLY-FP2 (updated yesterday using remove battery, => twrp : start recovery (after check update)
  • twrp-3.2.3-0-FP2.img (last update done with remove battery, fastboot) (upgraded yesterady from twrp-3.2.2-0-FP2)

Someone have an idea ? Something i can do ?

PS : deactivate «advanced reboot» swith off work. But adb reboot recovery reboot on system


Issue in bugtracker :slight_smile:
Sorry for interruption

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Just to be sure as it’s not explicitly mentioned in the linked bugtracker thread:
Do you know that turning on flashlight/torch before shutdown or reboot to recovery is a working workaround?

Another workaround is holding the up key after the phone starts rebooting (before the logo appears).

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Although that’s not a workaround, that’s the default way to get into #dic:recoverymode :slight_smile: .

For me it works with the new camera though (which reboots instead of halting).

Apart from hardware trouble with the buttons or cases of deleted or botched-up recoveries, the default way always worked*, that’s why it is the default way :wink: .

What doesn’t work yet with the new camera (when not using the torch workaround) are the advanced reboot options added to LineageOS for convenience, and rebooting into recovery connected to a computer via ADB.

*And the automatic reboots into recovery by the Updater App for installing updates don’t even work with the button pressed if I remember correctly, which of course was especially troublesome for people relying on the Updater, until the torch workaround was found.

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The interesting part is, I recently figured out that works as well, with the Updater (in LineageOS 15 + microG that is).

Turning on torch, go on update, install reboot on recovery.

Strangely volum up boot in fastmode/bootloader not in recovery.

Are you sure? Does fastboot devices recognize the phone in that state?

The same screen would be shown when there is no valid OS to boot, I think.

No, unsure … maybe i have big finger and i set volume up +down at same time. But yesterday : fastboot reboot work .