Unable to select newly added APN

Hello, :wave:
My APN settings seem to be locked. I can’t modify the default one it’s greyed (orange entreprise) and when I add a new one (youprice) I can’t select it on the list… I’ve tested the sim card on an other mobile and this issue didn’t occur. It’s strange because with my previous carrier I didn’t encounter that issue on my fairphone.
Is there anything I can do ? I’ve made a lot of researches but nothing seems to work for me and I don’t want to root my fairphone just for that
If somebody can help that would be awesome :pray:

Hi there,
I just looked into another phone. There are three APN. The first would be added automatically on every boot of the phone with that sim card.
The second I created myself - I don’t need MMS support.
The third is the same as the one you have: I can look into it, change things but can’t choose it. This last one is a profile especially for MMS.

On my FP4 with iodéOS, there is only a single APN, although I just switched sim cards on it. It seems, old profiles get deleted as soon as I don’t need them anymore.

If your APN is complete, I would recommend a reboot. If this doesn’t help, look for updates. Worst case would be to start with a fresh system - maybe something in the software is broken.

Hi and thank you for your answer. Actually, a simple reset of the settings (wifi, mobile datas and bluetooth) in the settings menu solved the problem !
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also thank you for the solution, that can help others with the same issue :slight_smile:

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