Unable to scroll through pictures

When I open ‘files’ (the bleu ile with the whit ‘file’) and go to pictures, i have to open picture one by one. I can’t swipe to left or right to see the next picture. Is it possible to scroll through the pictures?

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NO, because its a file browser. Don’t you get asked to open the file/picture in a different App like a Gallery App?
If not you need a Gallery App like Simple Gallery.
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The “Files” app isn’t really designed for what you want to do - look at the photos one after another like turning the pages of an album. What you need is an app designed to do that.

You have a Fairphone 3 I think? If you have the standard Android Fairphone OS then there’s an app called Photos that should be already installed. If you can’t see it in the launcher screens then swipe up from the bottom to see all the installed apps. It looks like this
Or you might prefer a different app, not from Google. Personally I use one called “Simple Gallery”, there is a “Pro” version that cuts out the advertisement. This is the icon:
image or the “Pro” image


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