Unable to Return

Hi there, I put in a request to return my fairphone 4 - and haven’t heard anything and it has now been almost two weeks and I don’t want to miss the window to return it. I also cannot get through to the number as it says phone calls to this number are barred. Does anyone have any advice?

Don’t worry about it. I had the same thing, I requested to return the device within 14 days, but I was able to use the Fairphone 4 for 1,5 months because support was a bit slow. They have some delays at support, but they weren’t that difficult about it.

I was also able to “send back” the accessories that were delivered weeks before I received the Fairphone 4. I quote “send back”, because I actually got a reimbursed the cost of the accessories, but I didn’t have to send it back. They said that the CO2 emissions were not worth it. Quite unique way of looking at it.

What’s the reason for returning the Fairphone 4? Some issues will be fixed soon with updates, there are also some workarounds. You may check this thread for some details.


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Did you make a request by email or via the website. I notice that any time I have contacted via email I get an almost immediate response with a reference number. I haven’t tried contacting via the website.

Once you’ve had either a response or evidence that you made contact within the cooling off period 14 days or 30 days in some cases you are safe. And as UPPERCASE said you can use it, but be careful not to damage it.

Further there is the question of why you are unhappy with the phone. Even if that cannot be resolved it would be nice to hear what issues people have, so others can be forewarned.

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