Unable to install twrp 'cause FP2 not recognized from Computer

Hallo and thank you in advance.
I would like to install the new Android 10 on my FP2 because the last system suddenly crashed. Unfortunately my PC doesn’t recognize the device as I try to install the TWRP. -Which I had, by the way, and I shooted in the trying to install the new system from SD Card, but it is another topic.
My FP2 shows me only the FP Logo and from Windows Commands I am not able to complete the instructions “platform-tools”.
I proofed the cable, which works on another smartphone. So I don’t know what I can do…
have a nice day or night!


Did you have a look at e.g. this topic?

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Hey Völker,

leider ist dies etwas Ähnliches, aber eben nicht die Lösung…ich bekomme keine Nachricht von Cmd auf Win10. Er sieht den FP 2 einfach nicht.

unfortulately this is a similar task, but not the solution :frowning:

Thank you anyway

I suppose you don’t get a response in CMD because of driver problems.
So did you try out the “solution” (driver update) at Fastboot on Fairphone 2 - #12 by yvmuell?

And when you see the logo

then the LED is also blinking blue, right (which would mean you’re on fastboot mode as needed)?

so I made an update of my win 10, but the light doen’t blink blue - there is only the FP Logo.

Otherweise I could try to make it through ubuntu, then I have a dual boot system. Perhaps it works better: What do I need for the Linux variation?

Just to ensure we are talking about the same: in such cases normally there is no need to update Wind 10 system itself, what you have to update are the fastboot driver on your win 10. So did you follow the steps in the topic linked above? Also, the update on win 10 has no influence on the LED of the FP2 (if I remember correct, the LED sometimes does not blink blue and you can still be in fastboot mode).

Btw. why do you try install TWRP to flash FPOS Android 10? It will be overwritten with FPOS recovery when you flash it.


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