Unable to install or update anything

Also I can not access the Storage app.

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Standard question with problems like this: Do you by chance use a SD card formatted as internal memory in your FP3?

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Hi Incanus, no I don’t have an SD card in it ATM. There was one in before also there is no simcard in it atm

Beside the question for SD card, a few more infos would be quite helpful. Since when? Did anything happen before that? Any error message? Which System Version…

Sorry, but I don‘t understand you. SD card yes or no? And I wasn‘t talking about a SIM.

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Oke so it happend afther the update of android 13. Afther that installation I couldn’t update any app anymore. There is no SD card in it.

I had the old android on it running I think 11. Also there was an SD card in it. Then the phone broke down and I didnt use it till afther update of android 13 butnow with no SD card in it anymore. Afther the repair and the immediate installation of the new android the storage error occured

Some questions to understand:

  • Was the SD Card removed before or after upgrading from Android 11 to 13?
  • Is the Storage app available the menu? If yes, what does it happen on launching it?
  • What happens when you try to install an app (I assume from the Google Play Store)?

Before installing android 13.
When I want to install or update an app via the playstore I am automatically redirected to a menu where it asks to remove unused apps to make space.
Also when I want to open the Storage app within the setup menu it says it’s unable to open it or it just doesn’t react at al

Was the SD card configure in the same way before and after the upgrade?

Did you format the SD card again since you have the problem?

He Alain, I didn’t place the SD card back in the beginning. Now I did put it back but it didn’t make a difference

It looks like your phone storage is full. Try clearing the cache on your phone, or try uninstalling some (big) app you don’t oftenly use.