Unable to install Fairphone OS

I recently bought a Fairphone 2, when updating to the most recent software I was able to update to the latest Android OS but unable to update to Fairphone OS (with the favorites widget, the edge screen swipe, peace of mind, etc).

I already tried to manually update (https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/207914363-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-for-the-Fairphone-2) but this only brought me to the lates version of Android OS.

Please give me your suggestions because I like the FP OS very much.

It’s not fully clear what you want to install: Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open OS?

A new Fairphone 2 by default always comes with Fairphone OS pre-installed.

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Well, I wan’t the look and feel of the FP OS like I had on the FP1.
Because now it feels like a regular android phone. Besides, the widget of the favorites apps and the sideswipe are really handy. I don’t know if it’s the FP OS or FP Open OS I’m referring to.

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From FP OS 17.04 (based on Android 6) the edge swipe and peace of mind are not installed. The source code however should be available, so maybe someone can port them to marshmallow


Fairphone Open OS to me feels a bit more like what I’m used to on my own FP1U, but as @Agno says, edge swipe is no longer included either. If you want to give it a try anyway, here’s more about it including an Installation Guide:


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I’m sorry, I do not agree with your post. I received my FP2 (2017/01/31) with android, wich “wants” me to save anything into my Google account. AND I DO NOT WANT TO.
I think that when ordering the phone, the user should be asked if he/she preferers android OR an other system. For me it’s difficult to understand how to change system (though I strongly want to)

  1. I went to this forum cause I want to change the system to a “free” (open) one, but I’m affraid I will not be able to do it.
    I want to add that though I pretended I read the FAQ I didn’t because for me (French) its NOT EASY to read in english.
  2. I lost my contacts and I do not know why: perhaps they were on the SD card? But as I didn’t know that, I’m not sure I can find back the precedent one…
  3. I have 2 providers: Orange and Reglo (Leclerc, on SFR). Neither one or the other works in 3G; Can I suppose there is a breakdown on the phone itself?

Je me suis forcée à écrire en (mauvais) anglais mais en réalité je déteste cela, d’ailleurs je ne pige RIEN à l’organisation de ce forum, car si c’était plus clair j’aurais choisi le “bon” fil de discussion. Je suis généralement respectueuse des règles mais là j’avoue que je déprime un peu… en alternance avec de la colère. Je n’ai eu que des merdes informatiques et avec android ces derniers temps…

What is the difference between FP OS and FP “open” OS?

FP OS is more or less a “standard” Android 6 for Fairphone. It comes with all the usual Google stuff.
FP Open OS is Android 6 for Fairphone without Google.

Fairphone OS (left), Fairphone Open OS (right)

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Hello :slight_smile:

It sounds like you would be happiest with Fairphone Open OS, which does not come with any Google Services. I recommend you read the following for simple instructions to install this:

Afterwards, you can also install the Fairphone Widgets, including Peace of Mind. Firstly, install F-Droid, by searching for it through a wrb browser, then install the Fairphone widgets by following this:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


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