Unable to download apps from google Play Store


Since yesterday I can’t download any app from the play store. I tried Skype and airbnb as well as small apps, nothing is working. The downloading bar keeps moving but download does not start and finally a pop up message goes saying that something went wrong and I should retry or Alf for help with error code 495…

So here I am :slight_smile:

My so version is 1.8.1

Try to read and perform this quick Google search hint.

Oops, sorry…“http://appslova.com/android-fix-error-495-in-google-play-store/

Thanks but maybe a link is missing in your reply ?

Is your clock properly set ? Date and time.
Might sound stupid, but without a correct time, all secure connections (HTTPS) will not work.

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I am still looking for a solutions for the not updating Google Play Store apps at my FP2. A cause for this issue could be, that there is something wrong with my Google account. At this account e.g. there is besides my FP2 another smartphone I never have had or registered anywhere, and I can’t delete this phone. Very strange!
So I intend to delete this account and to open a new one. May be, the Play Store does work with the new one? But because of the new account I would lose some apps I have payed for :frowning:! Does anybody know, whether there is a possibility to transfer payed apps from one account to another and how to do that? Would be very helpful!!!


Some days ago I played around with ‘raccoon’ and created this unknown phone at my Google account myself.

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