Unable to connect iZettle card reader

I have an iZettle card reader for my business. You are supposed to connect it to the phone through the 3,5 mm jack but it’s not being recognised by the FP2. This is essential for my business! Same issue as for non functional headsets? Are there any updates on this?


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Perhaps it’s the jack that causing problems. Please take a look here

I will follow this thread as i’m waiting to receive my reader as well.
The blue one looks very cheap and toyish, and uses a hack through the audio jack, so i’m not feeling very confident… The bluetooth one looks much more professionnal but has a cost.

Please let us know if you manage to use it.
Maybe with some jack extender ?
And, are you rooted ?
PS : and did you apply the OS update ? Before the update, left and right audio channels were swapped, that could be significant here.


The jack is ok, fits as it should. It goes all the way in.

I have the old black iZettle version, very nice build quality.

I have not rooted but updated!

Will keep you posted.

Probably - it seems the iZettle is compatible with far from all phones, including some Samsung and Nexus phones. Could also be down to the same issue about headset buttons not working. I would guess the wiring or some other standard to cause those issues, by iZettle doesn’t actually specifiy their technical requirements, so there’s no way to check.

Just in case:[quote=“eralaek, post:5, topic:16547”]
I have not rooted

Which is good, as the iZettle doesn’t work with (or isn’t allowed to be used with) rooted phones.
EDIT: does work, just isn’t allowed.

The phone jack in the FP2 is different. I guess that could be the problem. (@Lidwien: I think you already said that, but this link is maybe better). Not sure if reversed gnd and mic make a difference, but maybe?

Soure: ebay(!?!)

Note: I would not put my card and PIN into somebody else’s phone just to make American Express happy. Does this makes me special?

So you would need an OMTP to CTIA adapter ?
Did you contact Izettle ? This issue does seem to be new, imo they should be able to provide an adapter with their reader.

Did you open the reader ? The easiest fix could be inverting 2 wires inside. Though it doesnt look very safe to tamper a banking device…

Miura systems builds those. Their support should be able to answer the question. I’m not sure if swapping mic and gnd will fix the issue, but testing it would be pretty easy. Just cut the cable, check each pin/wire combination with an ohmmeter and rewire :wink:

And before you do that: Check the device and your cable with an other phone :wink:

Standard Forum Disclaimer Update: Don’t do this if you have never rewired something before. It’s a test if the reader works elsewhere under similar conditions and the support is not answering you.

Usually audio jack wires are not as easy to “rewire”, because of the insulation.

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Hello all
I received my Izettle blue reader today. I plugged the jack in my FP2 and launched the app --> It worked perfectly straight out of the box

I’m so happy because you scared me :slight_smile: i was afraid i had to buy some adapter.

Maybe you have another problem ? Did you firmly plug it all the way in the jack ? Did you try with the cover removed ? When you plug the reader, do you see the dialog asking you to choose between card reader or headphone ?
Plus, I’m rooted and this didn’t cause any problem.


Good to know. I’ve updated my post above to state that iZettle doesn’t allow use on rooted phones (rather than doesn’t work). Interesting that they don’t attempt to check that. Makes me think twice about paying via the service though.

From the supported devices page:

It is not allowed to use iZettle on a device which has been jailbroken or rooted.

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