Unable to change search engines FP2-Open

In “internet” application, settings, advanced, search engines : there is only the “bad” ones in the list, unable to add startpage or duckduckgo.

The preinstalled browser is bad in many ways, you should really use an alternative from F-Droid instead.


If i agree with you, then the preinstalled browser should be changed in the next software update.

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The search engines in the “Internet” app are hardcoded in an XML file. On a rooted phone it can be edited.

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We cannot expect every user who wants to change the search engine, to know where the xml file is located and edit it.
I’m looking for a solution for everybody, not for a personal workaround.

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Could you name the .xml?

I’m sorry, here are instructions I found: https://hoelz.ro/blog/adding-duckduckgo-as-an-android-browser-search-engine

I need to add some details for that. That XML is part of the source code of the browser. This means its end location is inside the Browser package, it is not a sparse XML you can access on the system. So no, it cannot be modified without modifying the whole Browser app.

TL;DR: To add any search engine to the Browser app you need to rebuild the app from source.

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For a workaround I’m temporarily using IceCatMobile which uses duckduckgo.
I have upgraded the OS last week but I’m still unable to change search engines in the “Internet” apk.

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