Unable to change grey scale display back to colour

After updating my FP2 to Android9 on Sunday (April, 25), I was offered the option of setting the screen to grey scale in the settings with an own icon(?) in the settings options (the list of settings that appears, when dragging a finger from the top of the screen down). I selected the setting for grey scale and the screen changed to grey scale.
Today I wanted to switch back to colour and the respective icon was no longer visible / available.
I have since been unable to switch back to colour display despite intensive research on the net.

  • I have activated developer options and checked all options there.
  • I have tried all settings within the “Bedienungshilfe” (German; probably something like user assistance)

Currently I am stuck with grey scale. Please advise where I can switch back to colour? Thanks.

Da das Fairphone ein recht unverbasteltes Android hat, kann das eventuell helfen:
Maybe this Google support article can help:


Fantastisch. Das war’s. Da hatte ich noch nicht geschaut! Danke @Incanus!

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