Unable to answer phone

Unable to answer calls although phone rings.
Little oblong box appears.
Phone seizes up sometimes .

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Could you describe a bit more precisely what doesn’t work, and what you are trying to do?

This is probably a notification. I guess you have two buttons, one green with “Answer” and one red with “Decline”. Tapping on the green button doesn’t do anything?

Also, if you prefer you can write in your mother tongue if it’s not English, be it German, French, Dutch or Spanish, you should get an answer from someone :slight_smile:


No…that used to happen but now l only get the little oblong box…which has a message bubble and a couple of other symbols but is unusable

Could you show a screenshot of this “oblong box”?

Sorry …how do l do a screenshot ?

Press the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously (edit: and hold the pressed until the screenshot is made).

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It is not now appearing !!..but still unable to answer calls

Tony Corden

And could you do a screenshot? Or at least a photo?
So far I’m unfortunately not understanding what you mean.

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