Unable to access music on VLC


I have music files stored on an SD card which I was able to play on VLC, but now when I go to VLC, none of the tracks will play, and they have crosses in circles next to them. If I go into Files, I can play them from there, but that doesn’t allow the functionality of VLC, e.g. playlists, and use of Android Auto.

Can anyone help?



Is the SD card configured as external/ portable storage? (sdcardguide )

Did something happen? OS update? VLC App update?

In VLC there’s Settings - Advanced - Clear media database.
VLC should rebuild the database then, perhaps after restarting the App.
Does this help?

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It’s external storage, there was an update to Android 13 last week, which may have caused a problem, but I can’t say for sure.

Clearing the media database has cleared everything from VLC, but it’s not rebuilding.



Hmmm … I didn’t have to do this myself yet, perhaps I got it wrong.
If you try to add the folders yourself in Settings - Media library folders, are there error messages or prompts for permissions perhaps?

I got a similar problem with the app Vanilla Music.
You might want to check your app permissions for VLC. Mine for Vanilla Music was reset that it was not able to access the data on my phone.

Hope this helps.


When I try to add the folders, a “Loading” message comes up, and the files flash along the ticker at the bottom, then it says “No media files found, please transfer some files to your device or adjust your preferences.”

When I “GO TO MEDIA LIBRARY PREFERENCES”, the correct folders are selected, but when I click through the path “No media files found, please transfer some files to your device or adjust your preferences”.

Have you removed and re-added the SD Card in the settings as location to be used? And reboot rhe FP inbetween.


I have now got it working by formatting the card and re-copying all the files back onto it.


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