UN 3S Award. We are nominated, vote for us!

We are nominated this year for the 3S Award by the UN.
It is awarded for promoting the values of sustainable and socially responsible sourcing practices. It goes without saying, it would be a huge recognition for us.

Check out the nomination here.

While selection process for the winner is still ongoing please vote for Fairphone in the peoples choice award : https://frphn.co/3svote . We can win this additional to our nomination - so your vote counts!


Vote: https://frphn.co/3svote

Please spread in your network - and with enough votes and some luck in the nomination process we will be traveling to the UN headquarters in New York in May!



UN headquarters in Vienna? :wink:

Edit: We are at 16% / 3rd place at the moment. 1st and 2nd place are at 18%, so they are definitely in reach!


Unfortunately one has to link it one’s social media account. :confused:
In case of twitter that authorized app then can:

Update your profile.
Post Tweets for you.



It is so weird that that is acceptable for an institution like the UN.
Only proofs that the FLOSS movement still has a long way to go…

You can reach them on twitter… if you want to tell them: https://twitter.com/3SAwards

I cannot get past the “Enter your email address” bit, because they want to force me to tick the “accept receiving emails…” button.
The purpose is good, but the technology is really dodgy.


…angry tweet sent… this is just undemocratic.

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Oh no, seems we got a penalty because of this criticism. :wink:

Unfortunately we are down to 10% (ex aequo with another 2nd rank). 1st rank has 18%.

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The site seems to be currently down. At least for me.

Error 1016 Origin DNS error

Edit: It’s back up.

Lol, I should contact them via twitter to tell them I don’t have and never will have twitter?!

Btw, @Stefan is this why I got 4 mails from Twitter today to the #austrianfairphoners mail adress? :rolling_eyes:

PS: You can contact them with a fake cell number and a real email here too: http://www.gsc3sawards.com/contact/


Why do they want to link a vote to a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account? I don’t have any of these! If it isn’t possible to vote anonymously there is no vote from me.


Same for me… :pensive:

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