UK Phone Insurance

Hi all,

I’m looking to get phone insurance for my Fairphone 2 but struggling to find any providers in the UK that cover Fairphones. Does anyone else have insurance/ know of any possible providers?


I think (hope) mine is covered by a policy I get with my bank account, but you have made me wonder whether I should check if it is covered?! Have you looked at

Have you had any luck with this? I’m having trouble finding anyone who’ll insure a Fairphone too.

You should be more precise in defining what you want to insure.

Phone theft/pickpocketing ?
Data loss ?
Data theft ?
Damage caused to the phone by yourself ? By someone else ?
Damage caused by the phone (is it likely ?)

I believe on a personal point of view that phone insurances are a scam, as you are probably already covered by your home insurance. Or even your credit card insurance, if you bought the phone with it. Though I don’t know English law enough to be 100% sure. Ask your insurance company.

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