Ubuntu possible at FP3?

Is it possible to exchange Android for Ubuntu at FP3? I don´t want Google, Facebook or any other to record my doings.


Not right now. UBports (ex Ubuntu touch) would have to be ported to the Fairphone 3 first.
In terms of when it would be usable as a daily driver, if at all, then realistically think months or years, not days or weeks.

There are ways to achieve most of what you are after with Android, but there’s no guide yet on how to do it with the Fairphone 3, because almost nobody has a final production model at hand yet, and right at the start just now there’s no un-googled Android available like there is for the Fairphone 2.

I guess available info would then be added here …


The UBPort people talked about it shortly in a recent Q&A[1]

Which Android device is likely to get the next UT port?

Well, HTC10 is certainly one possibility. It has received attention because it has an HDMI output. There are others such as BQ Uplus and Sony Xperia X which could come soon. Please don’t gamble on possible outcomes by getting one of those devices just yet though. There are no guarantees in porting. The fact that there have been questions about how to add devices to the Community channel nevertheless shows that some of those working on phones are feeling quite positive.

A ‘Fairphone 3’ release has been leaked. Quite honestly we know nothing about it. Our contacts there have lapsed as people have taken up new jobs. We will reach out to them again. If there is a new device and if it is Android 9 for example, that would be a huge task for us.

Personally I hope it’ll happen, but I also fear it won’t be soon. I find Fairphone + Ubuntu Touch to be a very good combination ethics-wise. I hope contacts between FP an UT can grow again.

[1] https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-q-a-57-242


They talked again about FP3 at the end of Q&A 60 :smiley:

And what about FP3?

Again, we don’t have any information so we don’t know if UT could be ported. It would almost certainly mean Android 9 and therefore Halium 9.

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