Ubports Status for the FP3

Hi all. I am a newbie here in the Forum and just wanted to ask how is it going the project ubports Linux for the FP3 model. I just wanted to buy a new FP but not sure to try with an FP2 or FP3.

Hi and welcome to the forum, mactoni.

I haven’t watched the UBports project too closely lately, but a few weeks ago there was one person working on UT for FP3. Back then IIRC they were struggling with quite a few things. Information on that can be found in the Halium group on telegram I guess.

I had tried it myself but ran into obstacles that I wasn’t able to solve. Maybe someone can pick up the work where I left it: Ubuntu Touch GSI for the Fairphone 3

My personal feeling is that right now I wouldn’t count on UT on the FP3 to arrive this year.


Hi Ingo! Many thanks for your feedback. Shame… Because it could be a good partner for the Fairphone.

Hello @mactoni!
If you are still interested there is good news: Luksus just managed to make UbuntuTouch working on FP3 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


There’s been another update: https://forums.ubports.com/post/41768

I might be able to try it out this weekend


When done please tell us what you like about the Ubuntu Touch on Fairphone 3. I’m interested of that myself but need to know some experiences first. Are you installing it over Android or /e/?

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Have you been able to try Ubuntu Touch on Fairphone 3 yet? Please tell us some experiences.

I haven’t really used it much. There were some difficulties, see https://forums.ubports.com/topic/4964/fairphone-3-fp3/8 and onwards.

The port matures very well.
Currently only the vibration actor is not working yet, which is the last thing, what I would declare as a “must have”.

But I still use it as my daily phone for 2 month now.
Look here for progress and further details:


Thanks a lot for your work on this @Luksus and @Ingo, much appreciated! I have been able to install the GSI procedure following your previous instructions and I just saw your new post above.

What are the difference between the GSI image and the new one, using the Gitlab CI? Is it different build procedure but same content or it is different images? Any advantage to sideload over flashing the image?


Hi mart-e,
Yes, the way we use on Gitlab is a different and more device specific build procedure. There we just build the modified kernel and use a specific android 9 compatible build of the rootfs.
Device specific changes are getting patched (overlayed) to that rootfs for each device individually.

The GSI just brings a whole bunch of patches some kind of “pre-patched” to the rootfs, to make it suitable for all possible devices.

Current advantage of the GSI:

  • the vibration actor works :wink:

Current advantages of the Gitlab build:

  • LED indicator works
  • install/flash process is much easier imho, just needs fastboot, no need for twrp
  • OTA updates work, so you only need to flash it once and still be up to date
  • the device info and available space gets properly displayed (in Settings app)

So if you want to stay “future-save”, just use the latest Gitlab build.

Best regards,


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