UBPorts just announced Android App support in the coming 16.04 version

I watched the live Community Update 19 of the UBPorts project on YouTube and their big announcement was that in the coming version 16.04 - which can already be installed as a devel channel - Android apps can be run with the help of https://anbox.io/

It’s going to be optional, so if you want to be Google/Android free, you still can with Ubuntu Touch.


Wondering how they are planning on handling the kernel patching needed for Anbox, based on my experience it requires at least 3.10 kernel so for FP2 it’s not so simple but in theory 3.4 kernel might be possible after backporting a lot of patches or maybe modifying Anbox. I have been trying to get Anbox working on Sailfish OS for FP2 before but haven’t had time to backport all of the needed patches yet. I have tested a slightly modified Anbox on another Sailfish OS device with new enough kernel.


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