Uber app doesn't work

The Uber app completely doesn’t work on my FP2. Initial screen on opening is just a map of the world. Swipe right gives a basic menu, but no Destination field. I can input a Payment method, but not edit my details, no keyboard comes up.

A previous thread on this topic suggested unticking the privacy impact box, but this has never been ticked on my phone.

I’m on Android Lollipop that came pre-installed on my FP2.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Have you updated your Phone to the latest version?
Find the Updater App in your All Apps few and check which version it says you have and whether an update is available.
If you have your phone for a while now and haven’t ever updated you could in fact still be affected by the above mentioned privacy impact bug. An update fixes that.

Otherwise what happens if you tap on the hamburger menu (the three-lines-symbol in the top left corner)? Does it show the same menu as when you swipe?

I always stay up to date on apps and The OS. And yes, the Hamburger menu
button gives the same as the swipe right.

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