U.S Markets and its potential

US markets anyone? There is a lack of " green tech" in the united states. I think it is viable. ANyone with me?


Who would you like to address with your idea? This is a user community forum w/o official vendor involvement. IMHO Fairphone is way too small right now to actively cover North America (which is why they did not choose modem chips with the necessary connectivity support for their phones until today).


For the time being, Fairphone has decided to sell only in Europe. But it’s good nevertheless to let them know of your interest directly.


I agree the potential is there. However, Fairphone doesn’t currently support users in the US, even if one purchased the phone in Europe.

I bought my Fairphone 2 while living in France, but then spent a bit longer than a year in the US for work in 2019. Second week I was there I dropped the phone on a concrete floor and the screen shattered. Bummer, I thought, guess I’ll order a replacement screen module… except that Fairphone won’t even ship replacement parts to the US. I got a used OnePlus until I could figure out when I would be in Europe for meetings, so I could get the screen replacement.

I would love to see Fairphone in the US, but I understand what they’re doing is hard. I’d guess slow sustainable business growth is wiser in the long-term, and I’m guessing its more compatible with their values.


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