Tws earbuds keep disconnecting

Hi all,

I recently got the TWS earbuds but I noticed that sometimes while listening music they disconnect and reconnect from my FP3. So the audio is not smooth because it keeps loosing connection. At the beginning I thought it was happening with Low Battery and/or when phone was in my pocket but actually it is much more random and didn’t find any specific pattern. With the phone in the pocket it happens more often but can also happen with the phone on the desk.

Is it something that happens also to others? Should I send them back to have them checked?

Any suggestion would be of great help.

To me this usually only happens when the distance between the TWS earbuds and their source (FP3, computer, whatever sends the audio) is becoming too big (e.g. when the source is on my apartment’s lower floor and I’m on the upper floor using the earbuds), but I guess that wasn’t the case with your issues? Another sudden and only very brief interruption is sometimes when I touch the FP3 in a certain spot (I actually believe it’s somewhere near the top left corner of the device where the audio jack is).

Unfortunately it happens also when I am very close to the phone. For example when the phone is on the desk and I am at the same desk working. So I do not think is an issue of distance

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Only shot in the dark I have left:
The buds each have an “ear sensor” to detect when you take them out of your ears – that would trigger a (temporary) pause. But I guess you already made sure they sit in your ears safely.

P.S.: If you get in touch with Fairphone Support, note there’s now a live chat option to communicate with them.