TWS Earbuds charging behaviour🔋🔌 & LED meaning🔴🟢

Hi, I’m glad to create my first topic.

I often use only the left earbud and put it back in the case to charge it. The case itself shows 2 white LED, so it should have about 50%.
Recently the left earbud suddenly stopped working (I guess low battery, even if I didn’t get such notification).
I noticed that the case shows 2 LED for quite a while now (I didnt charge it for a couple of weeks), so my question is: Does it charge just the one with low battery or does it stop charging when the not-often-used-one is already fully charged (and also in the case)? Do I have to remove the fully charged one from the case?

And I couldnt find any information regarding the meaning of the LED behaviour on the earbuds. For example when it flashes slowly green red alternately or quickly green twice with short breaks in between (in the case). An overview would be very nice.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

I would usually think that this is more likely a connection issue. Just to make sure: Did you notice that the earbuds’ (total) charging level is shown in the Bluetooth settings for them? (However, this doesn’t seem to show individual levels for each of the buds.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Reconnecting the earbuds had not resolved the problem with the left earbud before I went to sleep (the right one was working). Today, after having charged them over night in the case, the left one works fine again.

I did notice that; it says 100%, even though I think that the often-used earbud can’t be fully charged. Maybe it shows the battery level of the more charged earbud.

What experiences did you make regarding the charging and LED behaviour (especially when often only one earbud is used)?

Have you checked if you are given a different charging level when you keep the right earbud in the case? Or will no charging level be shown then at all?

I guess the last part is what’s very different between our usage – so far I have never used only one earbud, always both together.

I did some tests which lead to the following conclusions:

It was not a battery issue. When the problem occurred today (at a battery level of about 60%), fully recharging the earbud or reconnecting them did not solve the problem. Only clearing the pairing records helped.

If kept one earbud in the case, the connected device shows the battery level of the used earbud (e.g. 90%). When putting the earbud with the lower battery level back in the case and using the fully charged one, the device shows 100%. When using both earbuds, it shows the lower battery level (e.g. 90%) even if one earbud is fully charged.

The case seems to charge also a single earbud, even if the other one is already fully charged.

And my guesses concerning the LED behaviour are:

  • permanently lit red LED (earbud in the case) → charging.
  • flashing green and red alternately → searching for devices/ready to pair.
  • flashing green LED all 4 to 5 seconds → Power on, connected.
  • flashing greed LED twice all 3 seconds → ??

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